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    Salt Lamps

    The salt lamps in Iğdır are made from pieces of rock salt extracted from the Tuzluca salt caves in the city. Anyone can create a private salt sanatorium in their home or workplace. Rock salt sanatoriums are thought to improve asthma and upper respiratory diseases.

    Caucasian Carpets

    Iğdır is very rich in terms of handicrafts. Caucasian carpets and Karabağ patterned rugs are homemade on hand-looms, and are among the unique handicrafts of Iğdır.

    Cotton Fields

    In Iğdır, which has extensive agricultural land, cotton fields look like a pool of white clouds. The fields where you will see the most natural state of cotton are located in the Aras Basin, which has a very rich biodiversity.

    Fossilized Clams

    Fossilized shells findings support the claims that the area was a seabed in the past. When you see fossils of seashells, you will feel that there was once a sea in the area.