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    Tuzluca Salt Caves

    The salt caves are located in the district of Tuzluca and cover an area of 55 acres. The amount of salt in the caves has the capacity to meet the salt-demand of Türkiye for 100 years. The caves play also an important role in terms of health tourism, as the air in the caves and tunnels is supportive in curing respiratory diseases. About 150 tons of salt per day are extracted from the caves.

    Tuz Creek

    The Tuz Creek (Salt Creek) (Tuz Deresi) is formed by the waters coming out of the Tuz Mountain (Salt Mountain) (Tuz Dağı) and creates beautiful landscapes. The Tuzluca district possesses remarkable salt resources. The salted water that arises from the skirts of the Tuz Mountain (Tuz Dağı) mingles with the waters of the Aras River (Aras Nehri). The creek created by the waters resembles a frozen stream due to the amount of intense salt it contains.

    İrem Yards

    The amazing shades of green of this valley, which is known as İrem Yards (İrem Bağları) among the local people, create great views. The İrem Yards give life to this region on hundreds of acres of land in the midst of a volcanic geography. The region is ideal for those interested in nature sports, photography and mountain-biking, and is only 6 km from the city center. Additionally, it is narrated that Adam and Eve have lived here in the İrem Yards.