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    Iğdır’s location on the historic Silk Road and on the routes from Anatolia to Iran and the Central Asian Turk Republics has contributed to its vivid commercial activity and is also reflected in its culinary culture. The Iğdır cuisine has fundamental similarities to Azerbaijani and Iranian cuisine. This similarity is expressed in the extensive use of red meat, rice and rice dishes.


    Chickpeas and lamb are the two most important ingredients of this dish. The dish is cooked and served in copper mugs, called maşrapa (mashraba). It might taste somewhat different and interesting.


    It has the consistency of a soup. As it is very simple to prepare, and needs only few ingredients, which are available on a daily basis, this is a daily dish. Flour, margarine and water are blended and cooked together. It is served with melted butter on top.

    Lepeli Ekşili Pilav

    You will hardly find this dinner elsewhere than in Iğdır! This could be the most famous dish of Iğdır. This is not simply rice with meat. The turmeric is what gives this dish another dimension of flavor. This dish is mainly prepared and consumed during Ramadan, holidays and special days.


    Katlet is a kind of meatballs. The meat is marinated with thin chopped potatoes, onions and spices, shaped in an oblong form.

    Aubergine Marmalade

    It is not easy to prepare aubergine marmalade. Yet, it is so popular in Iğdır, that almost every household prepares it.

    Iğdır Apricots

    Iğdır apricots, which are called Iğdır Şalağı, is world famous. This type of apricots is only grown in Iğdır, and they have an elliptic and symmetric shape. Its kernels are long and sweet, and thus can be consumed as nuts. Since it is an early ripening kind, it begins ripening in the last week of June. Şalak is the most common type of apricots in Iğdır, and is also known for its various healthy features.