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  • 10 vibes for Iğdır

    like locals

    Visit the Karakale (Sürmeli) Castle; Karakale was built on steep cliffs 10 km from the city center, at the point where the Aras River (Aras Nehri) forms the border between Türkiye and Armenia. It was built by the Seljuks at the end of the 12th century. There is a large settlement residue in a large area between the castle walls and the towers. 

    Discover the works in the Karakoyunlu Koç Başlı Open Air Museum; There are ram-headed gravestones in all cemeteries in the  Iğdır plain and on the Mount Ağrı (Ağrı Dağı). Very few of these black basalt gravestones have reached our days, and are under conservation now. You can see these works at the Karakoyunlu Koç Başlı Open Air Museum (Karakoyunlu Koç Başlı Açık Hava Müzesi).

    See the majesty of the Tekelti Mountain; It is one of the rare rocks in Türkiye. It has the ideal conditions for steep rock climbing.

    Visit the Iğdır (Korhan) Castle; The Iğdır Castle (Iğdır Kalesi) is located 36 km east of the city center on a hill that dominates the northern slope of Mount Ağrı. There is no information about the first construction phase of the castle and which civilization it was built by. However, it is known that the castle was conquered by the Great Seljuks in 1064, hence it is older.

    Touch the Korhan Meteor Crater; The meteor crater is a large sinkhole that was claimed to have been caused through the impact of an asteroid in 1892. It is also an exciting place for nature lovers and photographers.

    Walk through the Harmandöven Ejder Caravanserai; The caravanserai was built in the 13th century by the Amir of the Surmari, Şerafettin Ejder Bey, during the Seljuk period on the caravan route between Batumi-Tabriz, which is one of the side roads of the Silk Road.

    Taste the Aubergine Marmalade;It is not easy to prepare aubergine marmalade. Yet, it is so popular in Iğdır, that almost every household prepares it. You should taste it if you are seeking a different taste.

    Watch the view on the Üçkaya Lake and the Üçkaya Valley; On the one side there is the huge valley, and on the other side there is the Üçkaya Lake (Üçkaya Gölü), surrounded by different types of trees, a natural structure and rich fauna. This landscape is worth seeing throughout every season of the year.

    Listen to the nature in Karasu; Karasu, the amazing beauty of nature, is fed by the snowmelt in the Ahura Glacier at an altitude of 4,000 meters on the Mount Ağrı. It is home to many species of wild birds, as well as species such as water turtles, water snakes, and the coypu, also known as the nutria.

    Cotton Fields; In Iğdır, which has extensive agricultural land, cotton fields look like a pool of white clouds.